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History & Background

Max-e-Biz Ltd. (founded in 2006) T/A www.getsalesleads.co.uk  and www.ppcmanagementcompany.co.uk has years of experience in the Sales Leads Generation business. Max-e-Biz is a dynamic and progressive business, offering sales lead generation and Pay Per Click advertising solutions to business customers throughout the U.K., USA, Canada and other Countries. With state of the art technology and experienced staff, the company delivers a professional services to businesses. We utilise the latest Internet Technology to provide qualified sales leads who have demonstrated an interest in products like yours. The service is tailor made to help clients generate more sales and to increase profits.

Directly and through its Associates, Max-e-Biz Ltd has partnerships with several Marketing & Business Organisations. It is a member of the Federation for Small Businesses. Max-e-Biz Ltd. is a Qualified Google AdWords Certified Partner with direct access to Google.  It has successfully delivered 100's of AdWords Campaigns worldwide.

Max-e-Biz Ltd has a satisfied network of clients. These include businesses in diverse industries e.g. marketing agencies, retailers, caterers, transport, engineering and medical.

The organisation supplies reliable lead generation services, specialising in utilising online and Pay Per Click marketing. The services are designed for Businesses and Professionals and are tailored to customer's exact requirements. The services are available either by calling the office or from Max-e-Biz websites.

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