Pay per click budget calculator


Use the calculator below to determine your monthly PPC Advertising Budget. You will need to know:-

  1. How many Sales or Sales Leads you want to achieve each month.
  2. What the average Cost Per Click is of the keywords you want to be found for. (Or use £1.00).
  3. The Conversion Rate** of your target website. (Or use 1%).
[?] Your desired number of e-commerce sales or leads per month from PPC.
Desired ecommerce sales or leads per month 1
[?] Current average cost per click. If unknown, try £1, £2 or £3 to see the effect on the budget.
Current ppc: cost per click £0.01
[?] Website Conversion rate: (Number of Leads or e-commerce Sales produced from PPC p.m.) / (Number of PPC Clicks p.m.), expressed as %. Use 1% if unknown.
Current website conversion rate 0.01%


Based on your input values, these are the PPC Budgets.

Required monthly cost per click budget --
Equiv. daily cost per click budget --

**Checkout: Website (Landing Pages) Clicks and Conversion Rates by Industry. Unbounce Report.

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