Google AdWords Case Study v Yell (AdWords)

22 Water Softener Leads per month at £22 each from AdWords v Yell ???

Google AdWords Case Study Water Softener Campaign by

Background: This client, who sells and services water softeners in the western home counties of England, came to us just before his existing contract with Yell expired. When we say Yell we are referring to the Google Adwords managed service offered by Yell. The client came to us having used the Yell AdWords service for more than 1 year. Whilst the client was aware of the number of clicks, impressions and costs, they were unaware of the number of enquiries that had been generated but were of the opinion that it was only a few. This Google AdWords Case Study v Yell AdWords compares the two services for this client.

Yell AdWords Campaign Performance Summary - Water Softeners

So what did we do?

In fairness to Yell, their campaign certainly covered most of the obvious keyword choices, so this provided a good start on which to build the new AdWords Campaign. Our initial focus was to meet with the client and understand what they wanted to achieve in detail.This not only was to understand how many leads per month they wanted but also the target geography, brands, and business hours of representation.

  • Establish detailed business requirements of client.
  • Provide client & webmaster with detailed design for high converting Landing Page.
  • Create bespoke Google AdWords Campaign to target both generic and brand specific keywords.
  • Create and validate conversion tracking for all possible methods of enquiry (phone & form fills).
  • Monitor and adjust keyword bids to maximise relevant clicks.
  • Establish and promote keywords which produced conversions.

What results were achieved?

We were extremely pleased to exceed the client's requirements (15-20 leads) in month 1. Month 2 has produced very similar results and the bonus of a slight reducing in cost per lead.

What Lessons were learned from this Google AdWords Case Study?

Targeting the most obvious keywords doesn't always produce the best results. Having a high converting Landing Page (10%+) leads to great costs per lead. In this case a bespoke Google AdWords campaign outperformed a similar one created and maintained by Yell.

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